Soilwork and Soulfly Live at the Masquerade

I saw some great bands at The Masquerade last Friday night. Earthside, Shattered Sun, Soilwork, and Soulfly all put on an amazing show.

I mainly went to catch Soilwork and they did not disappoint–they were tight, loud, and extremely energetic. I also ran into band members David Andersson (guitar), Markus Wibom (bass), and Dirk Verbeuren (drums, not pictured) who were super nice people and were cool about taking a photo with me.

And finally, to put a sociological spin on the night’s events, there were many women, older men, and different racial minorities in the crowd, which goes against all the old-school theories about metal music. Maybe, just maybe, metal music is not the music of predominantly white teenage boys anymore?

Scary face...chill dudes

Scary face, chill dudes: Soilwork and I

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