I am a sociology PhD candidate student at Emory University in Atlanta, GA. I received my BA in psychology (2008) and MA in sociology (2012) from the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas. My masters thesis examined the ways in which Iranian political activists and opposition members engaged in symbolic communication in cyberspace during the post-election political unrest in 2009. You may find a copy of my thesis here.

My current research interests include culture, music, computational sociology/big data, and quantitative methods. Recently, I co-authored a paper with my advisor Dr. Tim Dowd and Dr. Yun Tai that examined how critics construct progressive rock’s heritage through online reviews. The paper can be found here.

For my dissertation, I have embarked on a global analysis of extreme metal bands’ career trajectories. This project makes use of an extensive and comprehensive data set of all bands that fall under the “metal” genre label to examine how national origin, global capital flows, and meso- and macro-level institutional factors impact musical careers in the global extreme metal scene.

In my spare time I enjoy playing guitar, playing/watching sports, going to concerts, and reading non-fiction.