SOC 221-002

Culture and Society

Spring 2017


January 13 Notes

Defining Culture, Griswold 2013, Chapter One

January 18 Notes

Locating Culture, Pugh 2011

January 20 Notes

Introduction to Marx’s Historical Materialism


January 23 Notes

Neo-Marxist Perspectives of the Frankfurt School

January 30 Notes

January 30

February 3 Notes

Marxism video

Weber video

February 13 Notes

February 13

February 17

Durkheim Lecture

February 20

Durkheim Video

Midterm Study Guide

Implicit and explicit culture
The cultural diamond
Cultural capital
Symbolic capital
Economic capital
Social capital
Restricted and large-scale fields of cultural production
Base and superstructure
Historical materialism
Class struggle

The Frankfurt School
Mass media

Rationality and social action
The Protestant Ethic
The calling

Traditional and modern solidarity
Community and Religion

All assigned readings and their major findings
How those findings compare with the original theories?
What do they add to our understanding of Marx, Weber, and Durkheim?

You may use examples from the slides, videos, and all assigned readings except for any of the Griswold pieces.

March 1st Notes

March 1

March 13 Notes

March 13

March 20

March 20

March 22 – Cultural Capital

March 22

March 24

March 24

March 27 – Research Paper Guidelines
Research Paper Guidelines

April 3 – Lareau (2002)
April 3

How to write a research paper

How to write a literature review

Bryson (1996)

Final Study Guide

Artistic Classification Systems, their dimensions, and how they vary

Cultural consecration in popular music

Changing critical discourse

Bourdieu key terms

Bourdieu’s class scheme

Cultural capital and inequality

Cultural capital and education

Social reproduction vs. mobility

Concerted cultivation

Cultural capital and class

Cultural capital and race

Education and musical exclusiveness

Multicultural capital

Cultural omnivores

Cosmopolitanism and omnivorousness

Different forms of cosmopolitanism and omnivorousness patterns

How cosmopolitan consumption challenges modelsĀ of cultural consumption

All methods, findings, and conclusions from the readings after the midterm as well as the Baraka video